Gators South Beer and Wine Garden

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       All new Gators South Beer and Wine Garden on beautiful Highway 61/67, features over a 100 different domestic and imported beers and over 30 wine varieties from us and abroad, including Missouri wine from Adam Puchta. we offer a full bar with Gators own signature drinks, shots and even Absinthe (The Green Devil) presented from a beautiful hand-blown glass ice fountain as it was originally intended for consumption.

       We have something for everyone here at Gators, starting with live music, pool tables, dart board, Keno and great Cajun food with all you Cajun favorites. Spring time opens our huge patio with live entertainment, and our  Crawfish Boils with live Music. If the front looks crowded, we have plenty of parking around back. JOIN THE GATORS BEER 101 CLUB. STOP IN A FILL OUT APPLICATION. ITS FREE!!!!!!!  WE STILL HAVE SUPPORT DARREN WILSON SHIRTS, HATS AND ARM BANDS, CHECK OUT THE NEW WE ARE DARREN WILSON FACEBOOK PAGE

Our Stance on The Support Darren Wilson Rally. 

First off, I would like to say that I pray for The Brown and The Wilson family, this is a tragic event for both families. This campaign is not only to support Darren Wilson, but the future protection of all our law enforcement officers. I do believe that the majority of law enforcement protect and serve all of humanity regardless of race, creed or color. They do the best they can do in some of the worst case scenarios. They have the right to defend themselves and who are we to judge how he felt at that split second decision. Our law enforcement, like our soldiers and every other person out there, they are human. Was that the right decision to shoot Michael Brown? I don’t know. I do know that is why we have a judicial system and due process. Only three people really know the truth, Michael Brown, Darren Wilson and God. The rest we can only give our opinion until all the facts are in. Is this a race issue? No, this is a right and wrong issue. So, I not only support Darren Wilson, but every law enforcement officer who his or her life on the line every day to protect and serve. 

God Bless and let’s work to be one nation under God

Gator John, Owner

Gators South Beer and Wine Garden

Imperial, Mo 63052

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